As an appellate specialist, Mike works with trial counsel to help them successfully navigate the intimidating and time-consuming appellate process.  Mike works as a member of a team in pursuit of a common goal, taking on whatever role best suits the needs of a given case – from providing a review of briefs to handling the entire appeal.  Recently he has worked with outstanding trial counsel in the following appellate contexts: 
*Preserving and avoiding error at critical stages (jury charge and post-verdict pleadings)
*Ensuring the existence of an adequate record to support anticipated appellate arguments
*Preparing and/or reviewing post-judgment and appellate briefsParticipating in oral argument “moot court” sessions
*Advising counsel on internal operating procedures and court practices
*Appellate mediation 
*Handling all aspects of an appeal at the request of counsel and the client
Mike is an accomplished appellate lawyer with over nineteen years experience, and is Board Certified in Civil Appellate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  A former Texas Supreme Court law clerk, Mike has led appeals in many Texas state courts of appeals, in various federal circuit courts of appeals and in the courts of appeals of California and Michigan.  He is a frequent author on appellate issues and has held leadership positions in local, state, and national appellate bar organizations.


The appellate process can be tricky even for the most experienced trial lawyer.  Mike values the relationships he has made working with counsel across the state and is proud of their repeat business.  He stands ready to discuss with you any need you may have for appellate services, and invites you to contact him to discuss your appellate needs.   Click here to see what some of his former clients and co-counsel have said about their experiences with Mike.